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Mumbai Weather

Mumbai City Weather

The period between October and February is the most pleasant time to visit Mumbai, when the city enjoys a balmy season of blue skies and a cool breeze. From March, the temperature gradually rises and the humidity reaches saturation point. It is very hot just before the monsoon rains break in mid-June. The rains last until September. They come as a welcome relief to Bombayites but when the drainage system fails everyone encounters difficulties getting around town. After the initial few days of flooded roads, however, Bombayites take the downpours and regular drenching in their stride. In September, the humidity and temperature begin to fall. Luckily Mumbai does not suffer from the incessant power cuts that plague other parts of India, so offices and hotels remain air-conditioned and bearable through the hot months.
The city being in the tropical zone and near the Arabian Sea, does not experience distinct seasons, but the climate can broadly be classified into two main seasons ? the humid season and the dry season. The humid season, between March to October, is characterized by high humidity and temperatures of over 30C (86F). The monsoon rains lash the city during June to September and supply most of the city's annual rainfall of 2,200 mm (85 in). The maximum annual rainfall ever recorded was 3,452 mm (135.89 in) in 1954[5]. The highest rainfall recorded in a single day was 944 mm (37.16 inches) on 2005-07-26.
The dry season, between November and February, is characterized by moderate levels of humidity and warm to cool weather. Cold northerly winds are responsible for a high wind chill factor during January and February. The annual temperatures range from a high of 38C (100F) to a low of 11C (52F). The record high is 43C (108F) and record low is 7.4C (45F) on 1962-01-22.