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Reading List in Mumbai

Books about Mumbai

If you need more information about the city of Mumbai (Bombay), we recommend the following books:-
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN #
Cox, Edmund A Short History of Bombay Presidency Thacker & Co. 1887 -
Maclean, James Mackenzie A Guide to Bombay Various editions between 1875 & 1902 - -
Karkaria, R.P. The Charm of Bombay D B Taraporewala 1915 -
Enthoven R. E. The Folklore of Bombay Asian Educational Services 1924 81-206-0628-0
Pusalker, A.D. & Dighe, V.G. Bombay, Story of the island City All India Oriental Conference 1949 -
Chittar, S.D. The Port of Bombay, A Brief History Privately published 1973 -
Gibbons, Suzanne D. Bombay Handbook American Women's Assn. 1973 -
David, M.D. History of Bombay: 1661-1708 Univ. of Bombay 1973 -
Moraes, Dom Bombay Time Life Books 1979 -
Mayur, Rashmi & Vohra, Prem Ratan Bombay by 2000 A.D. Privately published 1986 -
Chaudhari, K.K. History of Bombay, Modern Period Gazetteers Dept., Govt. of Maharashtra 1987 -
Diana, Proeschel & Merani, Saroj Flavours: A Selective Guide to the Eateries in Bombay The Perennial Press 1988 -
Agarwal, Jagdish Bombay Mumbai - A Picture Book Wilco Publishing 1988 81-87288-35-3
Kaye, Myriam Illustrated Guide to Bombay & Goa The Guidebook Co. 1990 962-217-045-6
Tindall, Gillian City of Gold Penguin 1992 0-14-009500-4
Patel, Sujata & Thorner, Alice Bombay, Metaphor for Modern India Oxford University Press 1995 0-19-563688-0
Dwivedi, Sharada & Mehrotra, Rahul Bombay, The Cities Within India Book House Pvt. Ltd. 1995 81-85028-80-X
Mehrotra, Rahul & Dwivedi, Sharada Banganga Sacred Tank on Malabar Hill Eminence Designs 1996 81-902170-8-9
Katiyar, Arun & Bhojani, Namas Bombay, A Contemporary Account Harper Collins 1996 81-7225-216-0
Contractor, Behram From Bombay To Mumbai Oriana Books 1998 -
Singh, Rashmi Uday The Mid-Day Good Food Guide Mid-Day 1998 -
Mehrotra, Rahul & Dwivedi, Sharada Fort Walks Eminence Designs 1999 81-900602-3-6
Virani, Pinki Once Was Bombay Viking 1999 0-670-88869-9
Mehta, Rina Mumbai Mum's Guide Oxford & IBH Publishing 1999 81-204-1358-X
Baliga, Shashi Times Great Food Finder Bennett Coleman & Co. 1999 -
Baria, Farah Bombay, A Tourist Guide to Mumbai Kamlesh Shah Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd. 1999 81-86850-01-5
Mistri, Saker & Soonawalla, Arnaz The Mid-Day Mumbai Shopping Guide Mid-Day 1999 -
Mappls Satellite based comprehensive maps of Mumbai CE Info Systems (P) Ltd. 1999 81-901108-0-2
Mehrotra, Rahul & Dwivedi, Sharada Anchoring a city line 1899-1999 Eminence Designs 2000 81-900602-4-4
Mehta, Suketu Maximum City Bombay Lost & Found Penguin 2004 10-0-14440-159-4
Mehrotra, Rahul & Dwivedi, Sharada The Bombay High Court, The story of the building - 1878-2003 Eminence Designs 2004 81-900602-5-2
Mehrotra, Rahul & Dwivedi, Sharada A City Icon Eminence Designs 2005 81-903821-0-1
Sorabjee, Jehangir Above Bombay Eminence Designs 2005 81-902170-5-4
Taleyarkhan, Ayesha Bombay Mumbai Gallerie Publishers 2005 81-901999-1-9
Bindloss, Joe Citiescape Mumbai Lonely Planet 2006 1-74104-937-7
Ramani, Navin Bombay Art Deco Architecture (A Visual Journey 1930-1953) Roli & Janssen BV 2007 81-7436-447-1
Karel, Betsy Bombay Jadoo Steidl 2007 978-3-86521-376-1