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  • What is MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    Well known to the aware fact that, Mumbai is the green city in the field of business. India's top trade financial credit goes to Mumbai. So the site which encloses every business jargon, area wise, category wise, can say from needle to sun, that's the passion of MumbaiYellowPages.Org covering, every human from the business world.

  • State the advantages of MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    In a crowded city, where every person even lacks the time to see his face in mirror, covers a bagful of business persons in its heart, for which only a couple of minutes will help you to get on to the right business freak, including the fact wherever he is on the earth under the sun. This site will be merely a supporting hand for your search of any human involved in business. Just to load is an effort which will repent you a life- long well-versed image of your business in the market.

  • What are the sources to know MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    Being a financial capital city of India, Mumbai is well known for its market players and market watchers. Well, getting straight to the point that, there is a basic source to know this site, on Internet, through a search which is commonly known as Search Engines. Moreover, many financial players, from any corner of the world, are very eager to know about the other business freaks in Mumbai and this search helps them as a key element to reach MumbaiYellowPages.Org

  • Why should I use MumbaiYellowPages.Org only?
    The city where you stay demands you to work a little longer. The work will get a good credit, if being explored, in a city like Mumbai which is the king in the field of business. The best way to reach your information to every single business office is by using this site which, by online, will get to other business persons.

  • I already have got a Website of my own. Then why should I register with MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    The most important thing that holds in any business, is the publicity of that business. Getting straight to the point, that your own website will grant you to provide a lot of information about your business but then what about the publicity? MumbaiYellowPages.Org is the only business directory which merely, in a comprehensive way, covers all other business freaks apart from your normal clients.

  • I don't have an internet connection nor do I have a computer then what's the use in registering myself with MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    Today, the world is getting to the fast track by every second. And Internet is the major contributor for this run up. Well fine, that you may not be using Internet for your business, but your customers must be accessing it, in respect to their business, for couple of hours a day. That's the main theme your rivals are using, to capture your business, within a short span of time. Thus, Mumbai Yellow Pages help to give online information about your business within moments, which is, merely a click away.

  • When I have already registered with Print Yellow Pages then what's the use of registering again myself with MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    Listed below are some of the important points that will make your doubt clear about your query:


Print Media



Yearly Subscription

One time setup charge


Limited Coverage

National / International
(If name is descriptive enough)


If any changes are to be made then it would be just annually possible.

Any changes can be done by the advertiser himself, whenever to be found necessary, with the  help of user name and password which will be allotted once forever at the time of registration.


Upholds an excess amount for an single advertisement of your company which covers only minimum data and that to just for a fixed duration.

Unlimited Data and can be changed anytime when needed.

  • What is the motive of MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    Every business person demands a security for exploring his business, which except MumbaiYellowPages.Org can't be searched anywhere. The right path to get your market explored in an competitive world is the ultimate aim of MumbaiYellowPages.Org which costs just an negotiable amount to lend your business on their site. Lastly, it also offers some perks which help us to catch our clients with one rope in MumbaiYellowPages.Org.

  • What is the Existing limit of MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    To the well known fact that, till the earth is there and every human on earth under the sun is running in the field of business, MumbaiYellowPages.Org will be a follow-up to every that person who is keen for an explorer, with every pros and cons, of his business.

  • Can I Look up a Business by its Telephone Number?
    MumbaiYellowPages.Org does not allow "reverse searches".

  • Can I Find an Individual Through MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    Like the offline version, MumbaiYellowPages.Org lists only businesses.

  • Can You Send Me "The Book" (paper version)?
    We are MumbaiYellowPages.Org, an online business directory. If you are looking for one of the paper versions that is published once each year, you should contact your local telephone service provider.

  • Why isn't My Business Listed?
    The data contained in our database is derived from businesses who list, modify, update or enhance their business pages; businesses who advertise with category display advertisements.
    Listing with Mumbai Yellow Pages is the easiest and quickest way to let your customers find you. It's no longer necessary to list with multiple directories because our site is so easy to remember. How many times have you passed a billboard on the freeway advertising their company and not be able to remember what came before the "dot-com" by the time you've reached your exit? Your customers will remember us. We're MumbaiYellowPages.Org. We're unique. We're all you need

  • How do I Add My Business Listing to MumbaiYellowPages.Org?
    You can quickly add your business listing by purchasing a Economy Page.